BIONICS Double-quencher probes for qPCR

Double-quencher probes for qPCR

We provides Quencher probe synthesis services, using the exclusive LFN Quencher technology, from the original single Quencher at the 3-terminal, and then connecting a LFN Quencher between the 9th and 10th bases at the 5-terminal, under the action of the double Quencher, a large amount of Improve the performance of the probe in real-time PCR, improve sensitivity, reduce background interference, and enhance signal detection. Dual Quencher probe synthesis service can be matched with specific fluorophores, providing customers with fully customized options, allowing experiments without any limitations.


LFN-Quenched Probe Advantage   

  • low background value: Double Quencher, effectively suppress the fluorescent signal of 5 terminals, reduce the background value (Low Background)
  • high stability: Suitable for probes with long sequences, AT and CG fragments with more target genes, to improve probe binding stability
  • High sensitivity: Reduce the Cq value and improve the terminal fluorescence signal intensity, improve the efficiency and accuracy of qPCR experiments
  • customized: Can be matched with a variety of fluorescent combinations to improve experimental applicability.
  • Service Features:

    1. Fast delivery time
    2. High purity
    3. Provide Double-quenched special modifications
    4. relatively low in price comparatively 

Experimental Data:

LFN-quenched probes compare to different probes during qPCR performance. mCherry as a template DNA was analyzed over 7 sequential 10-fold dilution aliquots. Normalized fluorescence values were plotted with or without subtracting background fluorescence. (A) A LFN double-quenched FAM/LFN/LFN probe was compared to single probe FAM/BHQ by using TOOLS Easy 2xProbe qPCR Mix (TTC-QE13). (B) LFN double-quenched probe was compared to competitive double-quenched probe by using TaqMan™ Gene Expression Master Mix (4370048). The standard curves of all groups R2 value equaled to 0.999.

  • Provide the synthetic probe according to your specification
  • Synthetic report