• Reliable and Low-Cost

    Our team of skilled staff with over 10 years of experience in the field offers custom gene synthesis services at competitive prices.

  • Guaranteed Sequence Accuracy

    We use a cutting-edge gene synthesis platform with mutation-free DNA synthesis to ensure accurate sequences for genes of any length or complexity.

  • Free Additional Services

    We provide various additional services such as vector designs, codon optimizations, gene cloning solutions, and more to help ensure project success.

  • Various Vector Choices

    We offer a range of vector choices to eliminate the need for secondary cloning, saving you time and resources.

  • Easy Online Ordering

    Our online ordering system is simple and easy to use, with the option to get a quote now.

  • Get Started

    To initiate the process, send the gene sequence and requirements to Our technical expert will analyze the sequence and provide a detailed proposal with sequence design, timeline, and final cost. Review and approval of the proposal is required to proceed with the experiment

What to Expect from Our Services:

  • Immediate production start after approval of experimental proposal
  • Delivery time of 3-4 weeks for genes up to 200bp, with inquiry required for genes over 5000bp
  • Guaranteed mutation-free DNA synthesis, regardless of gene length or complexity
  • Competitive pricing for long genes
  • Free additional services such as vector designs, codon optimizations, and gene cloning solutions
  • Easy online ordering with a quote provided upon submission of your gene sequence and requirements
  • Weekly production reports to keep you updated on the progress of your order
  • Delivery of a gene synthesis overall report and 2×5µg of lyophilized plasmid containing your gene insert, along with sequence chromatograms covering your gene

Bacterial Vectors 

Our high-quality bacterial vectors provide efficient delivery of recombinant DNA to bacteria. Designed to meet the needs of modern molecular biology, our vectors offer a wide range of cloning options, high-level expression, and superior stability. Whether you’re conducting basic research or pursuing cutting-edge applications, our vectors are the perfect choice for your experiments.

  • pET-3b
  • pET-3a
  • pET-3c
  • pET-3d
  • pET-9a
  • pET-11a
  • pET-11b
  • pET-11c
  • pET-11d
  • pET-14b
  • pET-15b
  • pET-16b
  • pET-17b
  • pET-19b
  • pET-20b(+)
  • pET-21a(+)
  • pET-21b(+)
  • pET-21d(+)
  • pET-22b(+)
  • pET-23a(+)
  • pET-24a(+)
  • pET-24b(+)
  • pET-24c(+)
  • pET-24d(+)
  • pET-25b(+)
  • pET-26b(+)
  • pET-27b(+)
  • pET-28a(+) pET-28b(+) pET-28c(+) pET-29a(+) pET-29b(+) pET-29c(+) PET-30a(+) PET-30b(+) PET-30c(+) PET-31b(+) pET-32a(+) pET-32b(+) pET-41a(+) pET-41b(+) pET-41c(+) pET-42a(+) pET-42b(+) pET-42c(+) pET-43.1a(+) pET-43.1b(+) pET-45b(+) pET-50b(+) pET-51b(+) pET-52b(+) pGEX-4T-1 pGEX-4T-2 pGEX-4T-3
  • pGEX-5X-1 pGEX-5X-2 pGEX-5X-3 pGEX-6P-1 pGEX-6P-2 pGEX-6P-3 pMAL-c4x pMAL-c5E pMAL-c5x pMAL-p5E pMAl-p5g pMAl-p5x pQE-1 pQE-30 pQE-60 pGS-21a pETDuet-1 pCDFDuet-1 pRSFDuet-1 pCOLADuet-1 pACYCDuet-1 PETM-13 pBAD/Myc-His A pcoldI pColdII pCold IV
  • pcDNA3.1(+)
    pcDNA3.1(+)_myc-His A
    pcDNA3.1(+)_myc-His B
    pcDNA3.1(+)_myc-His C
    pcDNA3.1(-)_myc-His A
    pcDNA3.1(-)_myc-His B
    pcDNA3.1(-)_myc-His C
    pcDNA3.1/Zeo (+)
    pcDNA3.1/Zeo (-)
  • pcDNA3.1+-hygro
  • pcDNA3.1+-dyk
  • pcDNA3.1(+)-HA
  • pcDNA3.1+N-myc
  • pcDNA3.3top
  • pFUsess2ss-clIg-HI2
  • pFusess-CLIg-Hk
  • pFusess-CLIg-HGI
  • pCMV-Myc
  • pCMV-3xFlag
  • p3xFLAG-CMV-10
  • pEGFP-N1
  • pEGFP-N2
  • pEGFP-C1
  • pTT5
  • pGL3-Basic
  • pGL3-Promoter
  • psiCHECK2
  • pmirGLO
  • pCEP4
  • pPIC 3.5k
  • pPIC9
  • pPIC9K
  • pPICZA
  • pPICZB
  • pPICZC
  • pPICZalphaA(pPICZαA)
  • pPICZalphaB(pPICZαB
  • pPICZalphaC(pPICZαC)
  • pGBKT7
  • pGADT7
  • pGAPZ A
  • pBlue Script II SK(-)
  • pUC57-amp
  • pUC57-KAN
  • pUC57-bsaI-free
  • pUC19
  • pUC18
  • pUC57-Simple
  • pUC57-Simple-NdeI-Free
  • pFastBac1
  • pFastBacHT-A
  • pFastBacHT-B
  • pFastBacHT-C
  • pFastBac-Dual