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Identification Service

  • We can sequence the 16S/18S/26S rRNA & ITS gene from your bacterial/fungal colonies rapidly and effectively. Simply submit your bacterial strains or fungi; we will perform PCR amplification and Sanger DNA sequencing using in house 16S/18S/26S rRNA & ITS primers.
  • No bacterial gDNA extraction is required! We provide all inclusive service performing DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, and assembly. 1,400bp or longer sequence is guaranteed for domain bacteria.
  • Fast & Reliable Turnaround Time: Sequencing data available within 3-4 working days.
  • High Quality: Robust 16S/18S/26S rRNA & ITS PCR
    protocols and high quality sequencing data.
    • Superior Customer Service: 24/7 technical support.
    • Starting Material: Single bacteria or fungi colony

Standard-seq single
  • This service prepares Plasmid or PCR product as the most common single primer extension service and performs
    basic sequence analysis in the section using the primer designated by the customer.
  • · Service to prepare and request samples in the Individual Tube
    · Complimentary one-time response service
Additional Service
  •  PCR product Purification Single/Plate
  • PCR product Gel extraction
  • Gradient PCR(Customer primer set)
  • PCR amplification + purification
  • Customized PCR amplification + purification (Not standard condition)
  • gDNA preparation

      • PCR on 165 rRNA using 27F and 1492R primers; and yielding of 1,400bp or more sequencing data using internal primers 785F and 907R.
      • Basic processing will Involve usage two primers 785F and 907R.
      • Client wlll be allowed to select different additional primers for more sequencing reactions.

      • Analysis on 185 rRNA region sequences; length greater than 1,600 bp guaranteed.
      • Analysis on ITS region (18S rRNA prior to update); length greater than 500 bp guaranteed.
      • Analysis on 265 rRNA gene(Dl/02/03 region) length greater than 1,300 bp guaranteed.