BIONICS Sanger Sequencing Service

Sanger Sequencing Service

Species Identification

Bionics offers reliable and accurate species identification services using Sanger sequencing technology. Our comprehensive service includes DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, and assembly for bacteria and fungi, including filamentous fungi and yeast. We use 16S, 18S, and ITS rRNA sequencing to provide you with the most comprehensive identification possible.

Trusted Results

At Bionics, we take pride in our reliable and accurate sequencing technology. You can trust us to help you with your species identification needs, whether you are working on a research project or need to identify a contaminant in your production process. Our experienced team of scientists and technicians are here to provide you with the best possible results.

Identification Service

  • Get your bacterial or fungal colonies sequenced rapidly and effectively with our Identification Service.
  • We offer PCR amplification and Sanger DNA sequencing using in-house 16S/18S/26S rRNA & ITS primers.
  • No bacterial gDNA extraction is required as we provide all-inclusive service performing DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, and assembly.
  • 1,400bp or longer sequence is guaranteed for domain bacteria.

Standard-seq single

  • Get your Plasmid or PCR product prepared and have basic sequence analysis performed using the primer designated by you.
  • Service includes preparation and request samples in individual tube and complimentary one-time response service.


Submit your bacterial strains and we’ll perform PCR amplification and Sanger sequencing using our 16S/18S/26S rRNA & ITS primers. Our all-inclusive service includes DNA extraction, PCR, sequencing, and assembly. No bacterial gDNA extraction is required! We guarantee a sequence of 1,400bp or longer for domain bacteria.


      • Fast & Reliable Turnaround Time: Sequencing data available within 3-4 working days.
      • High Quality: Robust 16S/18S/26S rRNA & ITS PCR protocols and high-quality sequencing data.
      • Superior Customer Service: 24/7 technical support.
      • Starting Material: Single bacteria colony.


      • PCR on 16S rRNA using 27F and 1492R primers.
      • Sequencing data of 1,400bp or more using internal primers 785F and 907R.
      • Basic processing involves using two primers 785F and 907R.
      • Client can select different additional primers for more sequencing reactions.
Sanger Sequencing Process

18S/ITS region for Fungi

Fungi Sequencing

  • Analysis on 18S rRNA region sequences with a length greater than 1,600 bp guaranteed
  • Analysis on ITS region (18S rRNA prior to update) with a length greater than 500 bp guaranteed
  • Analysis on 265 rRNA gene (Dl/02/03 region) with a length greater than 1,300 bp guaranteed
Sequencing machine
  • PCR product purification – Single/Plate
  • PCR product gel extraction
  • Gradient PCR (customer primer set)
  • PCR amplification + purification
  • Customized PCR amplification + purification (not standard conditions)
  • gDNA preparation